Here at Zenithal we have a mix of diverse military and corporate aviation background. The expertise and knowledge gained in our earlier pursuits is our main strength. Our team members have had the exposure ranging from basic flight planning to managing a fleet of jet aircraft and helicopters of Charter Company, and from ensuring regulatory compliances to participation in formulation of national aviation policies. Our interactions with key players of international and domestic market, makes us the right choice to find solutions for your Corporate Aviation requirements. We know the right people for a safe and cost effective solution. Both Safety and Time being paramount in aviation.

If you intend to own an aircraft in Pakistan or opt to venture into Charter Aviation, expand your existing business or seek business opportunities for the aircraft that you have, let us propose a prudent and workable solution based on our experience.

To start with the selection of a right platform and its subsequent operation, we know our operating environment, aircraft capabilities to seek, the policy guidelines and the regulatory restrictions for personal or business ventures. We know the OEMs, reputed and well established setups for aircraft operations, maintenance, flight planning and flight following services. We also keep monitoring the changes and updates mandated by the regulatory bodies. Therefore, we can recommend the most suitable selection of service providers for your specific operations.

We will connect you to the right people and help you achieve the very best out of your asset or investment. We will be your single window point of contact for operating efficiently in rapidly changing Aviation Business. Ranging from aircraft boarding with class and style to a memorable and tasteful in-flight experience, we can assist in hiring and contracting the right organizations.

Our Defence Procurement team has representation from each military service. This diversity compliments our efforts to provide a broad spectrum of services in Corporate Aviation and Defence Procurement.


Colonel Muhammad Tahir Akram (R).

He holds an immense experience in military and corporate aviation. During his 28 years of military service in Pakistan Army Aviation, he served at multifarious command, staff, instructional and managerial posts. Thereafter he joined the corporate aviation sector. He remained part of the team who established a renowned commercial charter company and served in the same organization for more than 15 years. In parallel, he established M/s Zenithal to provide services to military and corporate organizations capitalizing on his military experience. In order to provide impetus to his own organization and to focus on the provision of quality services to customers, he parted ways with aforesaid organization in Oct 2022. The experience of being General Manager of Operations and Executive Director with an Aviation Charter company for more than 15 years has cemented his repertoire in the fields of Corporate Aviation Fleet Management, Operations, Maintenance, and Logistics. He retains the experience of chartering services all around the globe. He has been deeply involved in the purchase of Helicopters/ Jet aircraft with major aviation companies around the world. He also has a diverse experience in Business Development. He holds MBA in Project Management.


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Specialists In:

1. Aircraft Charter Business (Feasibility Study, due diligence, Launch, Operations, Expansion).

2. Prudent advice in obtaining licenses and clearances from the regulatory authority.

3. Aircraft selection, appraisal, Pre Purchase Inspection Lease Purchase Agreements in accordance with user requirements

4. Selection and trainings of Pilots and Engineers.

5. Contracting Flight planning and flight following services including catering and FBO services on behalf of the customer.

6. Coordination with MROs for the maintenance of aircraft.

7. Aircraft Charter (domestic/ international).

8. Security Solutions.

9. Military Hardware procurement.

10. Oil and Gas supply.